IoT Connectivity

LEADM2M’s truly global IoT connectivity solutions keep your
IoT business always connected and in touch with both
your deployed devices and end-users.


LEADM2M ensures the maximum range of global IoT connectivity for your IoT business with its exclusively powerful international IoT sim cards. With a mobile carrier support of more than 650+ networks in over 180 countries worldwide, you can be sure of the most seamless and strong mobile connectivity with your deployed devices in most countries around the globe.


Some preeminent advantages your business will have from our IoT connectivity infrastructure:

Cellular Connectivity

Use the most reliable, advanced, and revolutionary technology to connect to your deployed IoT devices: The Cellular Technology.

Fixed Private IP with
Two-Layer VPN Anonymity

LEADM2M strengthens the safety and security of your global connectivity by applying the most advanced two-layer VPN anonymity by default.

Real-Time Data
Monitoring & Control

With our Parlacom™ IoT manager, take control and monitor the data generated by your deployed devices in real-time for greater efficacy of your IoT services.des

A Wide Mobile
Network Coverage Globally

LEADM2M IoT connectivity solutions upports over 650+ cellular networks from across 180+ countries around the world.