Why Choose LEADM2M

Apart from the most basic reasons you have already
known, there is an assortment of other
important ones for you to consider using
LEADM2M as your global IoT connectivity
and device managing partner.


Our IoT solutions are carefully developed by the most experienced team of IoT infrastructural engineers coming from the leading centers of technology: United States, China India, UK, & Brazil. By using our international IoT sim cards and the Parlacom™ IoT device manager, you will be able to provide a remarkable end-user IoT experience services to your consumers. LEADM2M makes it safe, efficient, and faster for you to manage and connect with your deployed IoT devices anywhere around the world. Below are some more concrete reasons as to “Why Choose LEADM2M?”:
  • Real-time data and device integrity
    monitoring for the ultimate safety.

  • Integrated with MTTR (Mean Time to Repair) technology
    which significantly reduces error-delays in the service.

  • Multi-network supportive international IoT sim cards
    increasing the uptime for remotely deployed IoT devices.

  • The recognized and industry-leading Parlacom™ M2M
    platform, your global IoT device management solution.

  • Easily manage an entire IoT ecosystem estate with both the
    powerful IoT sim card and our dedicated device manager.

So, without further waiting;

let’s start building your IoT project right now!