IoT Platform

LEADM2M presents to you a complete IoT device management solution: The Parlacom™ M2M Platform. Parlacom™ IoT device manager is both a desktop and portable IoT ecosystem management application which makes it easier for you to efficiently manage your IoT estate, from anywhere and anytime of the day in more then 180+ countries globally.


The Parlacom™ IoT device management application gives you a robust real-time control over the deployed devices, and most importantly, the crucial data generated by them. Coupled with the power of seamless cellular connectivity provided by LEADM2M’s international IoT sim cards, enjoy the many advantages such as visual analytics, billing information, high-level of security, and much more with Parlacom™ IoT management application. Here are some more features and benefits you should know about Parlacom™:
  • One of the Biggest Storage/Processing Capacity

    Manage over 10 million devices, as well
    as 200 billion data records, with Parlacom™ IoT
    device manager, all of this without a
    single obstruction in processing.

  • Highly Secure VPN/Fixed Private IP

    Our IoT device manager automatically anonymize your
    connection with your deployed devices, implementing two-layer
    VPN anonymity as well as providing fixed private
    IPs for corporate intranet networking.

  • Intelligent & Automatic Error Management.

    Parlacom™ M2M Platform reduces the MTTR (Mean Time to Repair) by providing real-time alerts with details of the problem occurred. Plus, the application intelligently and automatically apply correct repairs in the case of minor errors, reducing connectivity downtime significantly.

  • A Brainchild of the Leading IT Centers

    LeadingQuest, the parent company of both Parlacom™ and LEADM2M™, has been in the telecommunication industry since two decades. Our executives and engineers came from the leading technology centers around the world: USA, Brazil, UK, China, and India.

Are you ready to manage and grow your IoT
ecosystem with Parlacom™ IoT device manager?